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Company Profile

AP Holidays is climbing tourism sector through its auspicious services that it delineates to its clients and customers. The company believes in customer satisfaction as the utmost revenue. The company works constantly in improvising and upgrading itself as per the demands of the clients and customers. It is our desire and practice to tour our visitor to every possible destination that embodies the secret beauty of Cambodia.

We offer Commercial Tours which include seminar and meeting clubbed with sight-seeing. Our casual tours encircle packages like a Classic tour, Muslim package, Student package, Golf package, fishing, and Honeymoon package. We also cherish the adventurous tour with utter safety and under the eye of experts. Our adventurous tours include cycling, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, bicycling and dirt biking.

AP Holidays carry the responsibility of the keeping the smile and excitement on the face of our clients and customers.



Tour Packages

Package Tours with Accommodation


US$ 12 Apsara Dance Show

Apsara Dance Show

US$ 105 Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon

US$ 50 Helicoptor Tour

Helicoptor Tour

US$ 25 Ox Treking Adventure

Ox Treking Adventure