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About Us

The land of intact beaches and the preserver of the historical treasure is the abode of the Buddhist culture. A P Holidays' tour encompasses the unrevealed beauty of the heavenly nature. We arrange the rendezvous with the spellbound beauty of nature as well as the eye catchy beauty of the carvings of the historic monuments.

We have the team of proficient workers and guides how have scanned the importance of the land of Cambodia. Our team of experts tours you through the mesmerising destinations with imparting the history and importance of the place visited.

Our tours are well planned by taking into consideration the climate and seasonal beauty changes of nature in Cambodia. Our highly managed tours are proficient in delivering the comfort and adventure.

Comfort Package: Classic tour that takes you through the beauty of various destinations including the Angkor Wat, a package for Muslim, student package that includes the landscape sights and the knowledgeable historical checkpoints as well as adventure sports, golf package, honeymoon package, and fishing.

Adventure Package: Our adventure tour takes you through the hills and forests along with the river. This clubs the activities like cycling, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, dirt biking.

We also cater services like hotel booking, off-season package, booking of car and coach on rent..


Our vision claims to unlatch the carved history and the beauty of nature. We want Cambodia to one of the cherished and admired tourist destinations on the world map.


  1. To immerge as the trusted travel partners in the tourism Industry.
  2. To introduce the sacred culture of Cambodia.
  3. To build trustworthy and loyal customers.
  4. Providing the best services that become our identity.


  1. Serving best to your Customers.
  2. Providing hospitality to Customers from every corner of the world.
  3. Our every tour is a project of building our reputation and quality.
  4. Maintaining open book policy and transparency.
  5. Responsibility towards Travel Partners and Suppliers.
  6. Staying under the decorum of law and regulations.


  • Our prices are always suitable to pockets of your customers.
  • We offer different prices pertaining to the package or combo selected.
  • Apart from the holiday and adventure tour, we also offer a festival tour at a reasonable cost.
  • Booking with us also helps you gain proper knowledge of historical monuments and their importance in the culture of Cambodia, imparted by our skilled guide.
  • We highly take into consideration the comfort of your customers in different seasons in coach or hotel.
  • We also take care about the meal preferences of our each and every customer. 
  • We stagnantly work for our improvements in our services towards our customers