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Flight Of The Gibbon

Code: ATP 00077

Cambodia’s only zipline canopy tour is located inside Angkor Park, not far from the majestic temples, including Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. There is a reason why only Flight of the Gibbon was approved to locate inside this cherished World Heritage© site located in Siem Reap. Discover this treasure for yourself. Flight of the Gibbon, a truly amazing way to see the forests of Angkor, from a place humans aren’t supposed to be. It’s at Ta Keo temple (not that it really matters, as they pick you up from any town location).

We were taken out in their minibus, to the site, deep in the jungle. Immediately you arrive you get two feelings. The remoteness and jungle of the place, and the thrill and excitement, yet the reassurance seeing all the safety gear arranged in front of you. Harnesses on, safety gear checked and we were off for a very short drive in the van to the start. A comprehensive safety talk and we were off. Climbing stairs to our first short zip line. Words don’t describe the experience. Our sky rangers, Baz and Ben, filled us with confidence, and soon it was time. “Sit down, step forward and fly …”